TELEVISION THEATER “The Burning of Joanna B.” directed Agaty Baumgart

We have fini­shed work on TV the­ater “The Bur­ning Joan­na B.” direc­ted by Agata Baum­gart, based on the play by Mag­da­le­na Miecz­nic­ka. Star­ring: Jadwi­ga Jankowska-​​Cieślak, Anna Kłos-​​Kleszczewska, Krzysz­tof Ogło­za, Hen­ryk Nie­bu­dek, Dobro­mir Dymec­ki, Agniesz­ka Rosz­kow­ska, Piotr Ligien­za Direc­tor of Pho­to­gra­phy: Szy­mon Kluz Edi­tor: Tomasz Cie­siel­ski Pro­duc­tion: Docu­men­ta­ry and Featu­re Films Stu­dio (WFDiF) Pre­mie­re soon at Polish Tele­vi­sion. We wish you a ple­asant recep­tion.

Shooting of “The Art of Understanding” finished

The last stage of fil­ming a docu­men­ta­ry “The Art of Under­stan­ding” by Matej Bobrik, has just fini­shed in Tokyo. We are proud to be a co-​​producer of the film, also respon­si­ble for full post pro­duc­tion servi­ce. The pro­ject was deve­lo­ped under the pro­gram Doc Lab Poland and rece­ived finan­cing from Polish Film Insti­tu­te. Pre­mie­re in 2017. Ahoy!