• we edit and mix sound on our own and in col­la­bo­ra­tion with the best pro­fes­sio­nals in War­saw
• we will han­dle com­ple­te audio post pro­duc­tion, from basic edi­ting to sound design, dub­bing and ori­gi­nal sco­ring
• we work with sound stu­dios, com­po­sers and music pro­du­cers
• we use acc­la­imed stocks and sound libra­ries
• we will deli­ver your final mix in Dolby 5.1


• 7 AVID edit suites

• 60 tera­by­tes of mass sto­ra­ge

• all cur­rent for­mats and stan­dards

• edi­ting on film sets

• pro­ven, tru­sted team of edi­tors


• 2D and 3D ani­ma­tion
• motion design
• visu­ali­za­tion of pro­ducts, pack­shots
• ope­ning sequ­en­ces
• gra­phic design for TV pro­gram­mes and shows
• cre­ation of mul­ti­me­dia and video pre­sen­ta­tions
• map­ping


• cre­ati­vi­ty and full scope of servi­ces

• key­ing

• trac­king

• matte pain­ting

• reli­gh­ting

• 3d com­po­si­ting


• gra­ding in 4K

• per­fect moni­to­ring

• DCP cre­ation

• high­ly quali­fied pro­fes­sio­nals

• com­for­ta­ble work envi­ron­ment


• aqu­isi­tion of media in all data for­mats
• seam­less media mana­ge­ment
• com­plian­ce with bro­ad­cast stan­dards
• com­plian­ce with cine­ma stan­dards
• full inte­gra­tion of Avid, Adobe, Auto­desk sys­tems