Project Getaway

We’ ve just fini­shed a 10 epi­so­de jour­ney with “Pro­ject Geta­way” that we cove­red with ATM and Canal Plus Disco­ve­ry. We’re proud to have wor­ked on prime series, at the highest level of TV pro­duc­tion. We were respon­si­ble for the whole post pro­duc­tion pro­cess, that came out to be pure ple­asu­re. At the same time we had a chan­ce to disco­ver the unk­nown beau­ty of Poland.
Such chal­len­ges are just pure ple­asu­re!


We are expe­rien­ced in post pro­duc­tion of all tele­vi­sion gen­res. We star­ted with scrip­ted docu­men­ta­ries, tele­vi­sion pro­gram­mes, docu­men­ta­ries. We per­fec­ted our skills with enter­ta­in­ment pro­gram­mes and shows. We have wor­ked with all major Polish bra­od­ca­sters.